Commercial Removals

Six - Four Weeks Before Your Move

1. Contact us for a competitive quotation

2. If you are self packing order your packing materials from us. If ordering elsewhere make sure boxes are double walled as single walled boxes cave in when stacked on removal vehicles

3. Book required days off work for your move

4. Plan where your furniture will go in your new home, dispose of or sell furniture that is no longer required

5. Declutter, dispose of anything that you wouldn’t like in your new home

Four - Two Weeks Before

1. Inform utility companies.

2. Complete Post Office mail redirect.

3. Inform your TV and Internet providers

4. If your not using our packing services, make sure to start packing non essentials as early as possible. This will make the packing process as stress free as possible. Check our Packing Tips.

One Week Before

1. Inform your bank

2. Inform car and home insurer

3. Pack a moving day essentials box of items you’ll need on the day of your move

4. Label keys and also create instructions that you believe the new owners will require

Move Day!

1. Pack any items you used on your final night
2. Leave the vacuum cleaner out as once the house is empty it’s common etiquette to leave it clean as possible
3. Use your smartphone to take your final meter readings (don’t forget the water meter!)
4. When you enter your new home it’s handy for the removal team if you could pop post-it notes on the door frame of each room labeling what the room is. This will stop the removal team from having to ask you which room is which.
5. And.. RELAX!


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